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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences
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  Volume 8, Issue 5, December - 2016
Editorial: Special Issue On Achievement, Chronotype And Circadian Patterns Of Cognition
  • Christoph Randler
  • Eda Demirhan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Why Do Larks Perform Better At School Than Owls? The Mediating Effect Of Conscientiousness
  • Lars Eberspach
  • Georg Fenske
  • Sarah Christina Groten
  • Laura Elena Neufeldt
  • Vsevolod Scherrer
  • Franzis Preckel
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Sleep Habits And Chronotype Effects On Academic And Cognitive Performance İn Spanish Adolescents: A Review
  • Cristina Escribano
  • Juan F. Díaz‐Morales
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Morning-evening Types İn Kindergarten, Time-of-day And Performance On Basic Learning Skills
  • Hugo Miguel Fernandes Cruz
  • Ana Allen Gomes
  • Alcina Manuela Martins
  • José Augusto Leitão
  • René Clarisse
  • Nadine Le Floc’h
  • Carlos Fernandes da Silva
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Morningness-eveningness Preference, Sleep Variables And Academic Achievement Of Children And Adolescents
  • Ercan Masal
  • İsmail Önder
  • Mehmet Barış Horzum
  • Mehmet Durdu Karslı
  • Şenol Beşoluk
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Chronotype And Time Of Day Do Not Influence Mathematical Achievement İn Standardised Tests, But Impact On Affect – Results From A Field Experiment
  • Christoph Randler
  • Kathrin Bechtold
  • Markus Vogel
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Diurnal Variations And Weekly Pattern Of Cognitive Performances İn Tunisian Children
  • Sana Jarraya
  • Mohamed Jarraya
  • Nizar Souissi
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Sleep Beliefs And Circadian Typology Of Helping Professions Students
  • Ljubica Škvorc
  • Adrijana Košćec Bjelajac
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Psqı Estimation İn The Sample Of Russian Students
  • Sergey N. Kolomeichuk
  • Christoph Randler
  • Alexey V. Churov
  • Mikhail F. Borisenkov
  • Abstract      Full Article