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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences
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  Volume 8, Issue 3, September - 2016
Effects Of Lectures With Powerpoint Or Prezi Presentations On Cognitive Load, Remembering And Conceptual Learning
  • Özcan Erkan Akgün
  • Aslıhan BABUR-YILMAZ
  • Abstract      Full Article
    An Experimental Study On development Critical Thinking Skills Via Educational Drama As A Teaching Method
  • Serpil PEKDOĞAN
  • Halil İbrahim KORKMAZ
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Seeing Darkness, Hearing Silence: Student And Teacher Metaphors İn The Context Of Visually And Hearing Impaired
  • Erkin Asaman
  • Özler Çakır
  • Yeşim Aksan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect Of Portfolio-based Writing Assessment On The Development Of Writing Skills Of Efl Students
  • Omer Ozer
  • Işıl Tanrıseven
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect of Educational Comics on the Academic Achievement and Attitude towards Earthquake
  • Yavuz Topkaya
  • Ufuk Şimşek
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Psychometric Properties Of Turkish Version Of Metacognition Applied To Physical Activities Scale (mapas-tr): A Study On Early Adolescents
  • Olcay Kiremitci
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Analysis Of English Language Instructors' Critical Thinking Dispositions
  • İmgehan Özkan Elgün
  • Ahmet Altındağ
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Relationship Between Teachers’ Locus Of Control And Job Satisfaction: A Mixed Method Study
  • Rıza AKKAYA
  • Bertan AKYOL
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examination Of Primary School Handball Player’s Reasons For Starting Sport And Life Satisfactions
  • İlyas GÖRGÜT
  • Mehmet GÜLLÜ
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Investigating The Effectiveness Of A Professional Development Program Designed To Improve Teachers’ Discourse Through Kirkpatric’s Evaluation Model
  • Sedat KANADLI
  • Yılmaz SAĞLAM
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Metaphorical Perceptions Of Teacher Candidates Towards The Concepts “university” And “academic Staff”
  • Didem Koşar
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Developıng Organizational Revenge Scale And Examining Teachers’ Opinions About Organizational Revenge
  • K. Funda Nayir
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Perceptions Of Students About The Values Of Respect And Scientific İn Social Studies: Metaphor Analysis
  • Hamza YAKAR
  • Ramazan ŞARLAYAN
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Pre-service Science Teachers’ Perceptions About Relationship Between Religion And Science İn The Context Of Their Worldviews
  • Halil Turgut
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Sustainability in Education Buildings
  • İbrahim Kocabaş
  • Mehtap Bademcioğlu
  • Abstract      Full Article
    By The Students; Being Offended, Making Peace And Training Of Peace
  • Bahadır KILCAN
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Peer Supervision: An Alternative Approach İn Teachers’ Professional Development And School Achievement
  • Hasan Basri Gündüz
  • Erdoğan Akar
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Relation Between Academic Procrastination And Hopelessness Perception Of Primary School Teaching Department Students
  • Sevilay Yıldız
  • Kaya Yıldız
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Special Teaching Method-I Attitude Scale For Teacher Candidates: Study of Validity & Reliability
  • Mine Çeliköz
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Reflections From A Group Of Middle School Mathematics Teachers Who Conducted A Lesson Study Practice
  • Erhan BOZKURT
  • Abstract      Full Article