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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences
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  Volume 8, Issue 2, June - 2016
Comparison of Item Response Theory Test Equating Methods for Mixed Format Tests
  • İbrahim Uysal
  • Sevilay Kilmen
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Opinions of Classroom Teachers and Normally Developing Children on Inclusive Practice
  • Remziye CEYLAN
  • Neriman Aral
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Learning Gender Subjectivities through Peer Language Socialization Practices in Pretend Play: The case study of a trilingual child in a Turkish presch
  • Şeyda Deniz Tarim
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Mediating and Moderating Role of Self-efficacy in the Relationship between Hope and Peace Attitudes
  • Tuğba Sarı
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Impacts of Inquiry-Based Laboratory Experiments on Prospective Teachers’ Communication Skills
  • Ganime Aydın
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The İmpact Of Collaborative Graded Home Assignments On The Performance Of University Students
  • Kostas Karadimitriou
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Developing And Validating A Self-efficacy Scale For Scholarly Writing İn English
  • Suzan Kavanoz
  • H. Gülru Yüksel
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Prediction Of Physical Education Teacher Candidates’ Achievement Goals Regarding Their Learning And Studying Approaches And Epistemological Beliefs
  • A. Meliha Canpolat
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Development, Validity and Reliability of TPACK Scale with Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers
  • Nezih ÖNAL
  • Abstract      Full Article
    An Investigation of Secondary School Students’ Written Vocabulary
  • Ferhat Ensar
  • Muhammed Eyyüp SALLABAŞ
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examining the Effective Variables on Classification of School's Success through PISA 2012 Turkey Data
  • Yeşim ÖZER ÖZKAN
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Place of Women History in the Current History Textbooks in Turkey
  • Mehmet ALPARGU
  • Hülya ÇELİK
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect of Drama Based Learning Applied in Turkey on Success of Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis Study
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect of Inquiry-Based Laboratory Applications on Students’ Motivation and Learning Strategies
  • Şenol ŞEN
  • Ümit Işık Erdoğan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examining the Relationship between Social Studies Teachers’ Attitudes towards Computer Assisted Education and Their Self-Efficacy Perception
  • Erkan Yeşiltaş
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Does Entrepreneurship Education Affect Entrepreneurship Level?
  • Edip Örücü
  • Sibel Özafşarlıoğlu Sakallı
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Pre-service Teachers’ (history And Social Studies) Perceptions Of Ataturk Who Will Teach Revolution History And Kemalism
  • Cengiz Dönmez
  • Ercenk Hamarat
  • Salih Uslu
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Levels Of Organizational Trust School Teachers' İn High School
  • İbrahim Kocabaş
  • Seçil Eda Kartal
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examination of Social Studies Teacher Candidates’ Study Approaches
  • Cengiz DÖNMEZ
  • Kubilay YAZICI
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Analysis Of The Self, Peer And Rater Assessment Of Teacher Candidates’ Use Of Teaching Methods With Many Facet Rasch Model
  • Funda Nalbantoğlu Yılmaz
  • Abstract      Full Article