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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences
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  Volume 6, Issue 3, December - 2014
Philosophical Change in Education: A Desired Primary School Model of Primary School Student Teachers
  • Orhan Kumral
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Comparing Political Skills in terms of Personality Types: A Research on Students in Individual or Team Sports
  • Serdar Geri
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Psychometric Properties of the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Scale
  • Mehmet Barış Horzum
  • Özcan Erkan Akgün
  • Ergün Öztürk
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Pre-service Mathematics Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Profession of Teachıng*
  • Cengiz Poyraz
  • Dilek Çağırgan Gülten
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examining Relationships between School Administrators’ Humor Behaviors and Teachers’ Mobbing Experiences According to Teacher Perceptions
  • Necati Cemaloğlu
  • Ergün Recepoğlu
  • Fatih Şahin
  • Elif Daşcı
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Work Related Behaviors and Experience Patterns of Physical Education Teachers
  • Olcay Kiremitci
  • R.Timuçin Gençer
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Comparison of Different Roles that Teachers give to Technology in Pre and Post-training
  • Ali Bozkurt
  • Servet Demir
  • Ömeer Faruk Vural
  • Abstract      Full Article
    An Investigation of the Relationships between Metacognition and SelfRegulation with Structural Equation
  • Serhat Arslan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Teacher Absenteeism in Turkish Primary Schools: A Qualitative Perspective from School Principals*
  • Ferudun Sezgin
  • Serkan Koşar
  • Ali Çağatay Kılınç
  • Zeki Öğdem
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Relationship between Mathematics Teachers’ Democratic Behavior and Students’ Mathematics Success
  • İlhami Bulut
  • Ferat Yılmaz
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect Of Study Process Approaches And Learnıng Modalıtıes On The Achıevement Goal Structures In Physıcal Educatıon Teacher Candıdates The Effect
  • Ferudun Dorak
  • A. Meliha Canpolat
  • Lale Yıldız
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Investigation of Preschool Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes Towards Learning and Their Entrepreneurship Levels
  • Gamze Yavuz Konokman
  • Tuğba Yanpar Yelken
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Analyzing Pre-service Primary Mathematics Teachers’ Skills to Determine Errors in Problems Posed by Students
  • Cemalettin Işık
  • Tuğrul Kar
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Development of Mathematics Achievement Goal Orientation Scale (MAGOS): Validity and Reliability Study
  • Mustafa İlhan
  • Bayram Çetin
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Concept of Violence in terms of 100 Basic Works that are Recommended to be Read in Secondary Schools
  • Nail Güney
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Teaching Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Social Studies Courses
  • Nadire Emel Akhan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    A Qualitative Study Concerning the 6th Grade Students’ Conceptual Structures about the Cell Concept
  • Özgecan Taştan Kırık
  • Halil Kaya
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Restructuring of Basic Education in Turkey and Social Studies Education
  • Süleyman Yiğittir
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Socioeconomic Factors of Students’ Relation to Mathematic Achievement: Comparison of PISA and ÖBBS
  • Yeşim Özer Özkan
  • Meltem Acar Güvendir
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Measurement and Evaluation Methods for Academic Progress: An Example from the U.S.A.
  • Mehmet Ali Öztürk
  • Abstract      Full Article