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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences
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  Volume 3, Issue 3, December - 2011
Effects of Problem-Based Learning in a Web Environment on Conceptual Understanding: The Subject of Acids And Bases
  • Beyza Karadeniz Bayrak
  • Hale Bayram
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Cognitive Work Developed By Students: From the Importance to the Promotion
  • Ana Mouraz
  • Fátima Pereira
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Perception of Nonverbal Immediacy and Effective Teaching among Student Teachers: A Study across Cultural Extremes
  • Kemal Sinan Özmen
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Enhancing the Quality of Distance Education Program: A Case Study of Program Investigation
  • Rucha Gujar
  • Rajendra Vandere
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Examining Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes towards Teaching Profession and Pupil Control Ideology
  • Ebru Oğuz
  • Melek Kalkan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Educating Women’s Rights through Teacher Education in Pakistan: Reality or Paradox
  • Muhammad Ayub Buzdar
  • Akhtar Ali
  • Muhammad Nadeem
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Elicitation Of Prospective EFL Teachers’ Computer Anxiety and Attitudes
  • Murat Hişmanoğlu
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Probability and Possibility Calculation Statistics for Data Variables (VDOIHI); Statistical Methods for Combined Stage Percentage Calculation
  • İsmail Yılmaz
  • Necati Yalçın
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Effect of the Mentoring Service on the Resource Management Strategies of the Students Attending Yıldız Technical University School Of Foreign Languages
  • Nihal Yurtseven
  • Sertel Altun
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Teachers’ Perceptions of Learning School Conception
  • Necmi Gökyer
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Using the MOODLE Learning Management System in Problem Based Learning Method
  • Cemal Tosun
  • Yavuz Taşkesenligil
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Investigation of Science Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Science Teaching with Respect to Some Variables
  • Fatma Ağgül Yalçın
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions as a Predictor of Cyber Victimization and Bullying: A Preliminary Report in Adolescents
  • Bayram Çetin
  • Adem Peker
  • Yüksel Eroğlu
  • Nihan Çitemel
  • Abstract      Full Article
    A Comparative Approach to Multigrade Class Implementation: Examples of Vietnam, Peru, Sri Lanka and Colombia
  • İbrahim Yaşar Kazu
  • Serkan Aslan
  • Abstract      Full Article
    The Investigation of Kafkas University of Candidate Teachers’Attıtudes towards Environmental Problems With Respect to Some Variables
  • Sibel Gürbüzoğlu Yalmancı
  • Ali İbrahim Can Gözüm
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Literacy Culture and Everchanging Types of Literacy
  • Ayşegül Nergis
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Self-handicapping: A Conceptual Analysis
  • Ahmet Akın
  • Ramazan Abacı
  • Ümran Akın
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Candidate Teachers’ Attitude toward Scientific Research
  • Özgen Korkmaz
  • Ayfer Şahin
  • Rüştü Yeşil
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Positive and Negative Reflections of Maths Teaching Carried out in Learning Environment Designed Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Ramazan Gürbüz
  • Abstract      Full Article
    Epistemological Views of Prospective Physics Teachers
  • Gül Ünal Çoban
  • Özlem Ateş
  • Serap Kaya Şengören
  • Abstract      Full Article