Primary School Education Pre-Service Teachers’ Views about the Application of Storyline Method in Social Studies Teaching
Social Studies is a study field that combines social and humanities in order to develop citizenship competence. Social studies should be a lesson where students search and reach knowledge, solve problems and generate knowledge, use their creativity freely and which is student centered and far from rote learning. Storyline method creates problems and takes the students’ question to the fore rather than giving the answers of questions which they never think of. Teachers and students produce ideas together. This approach is experimental and constructivist in essence. By forming groups of 8 pre-service teachers and using storyline method, this study was applied for 10 weeks in social studies teaching lesson, 3rd grade of primary school education department. Students’ views were taken for 8 weeks with the use of focus group discussion after the practice. In the study, qualitative research method and phenomenological method was used.