Students’ Perceptions of their Teachers’ Teaching of Mathematics: The Case of Ghana
The purpose of this present study was to examine students’ perception of their teachers teaching practices and how it impact on their learning experiences. The study involved 358 students from 12 Junior High Schools (12-14years) who were randomly selected to complete a semi-structured questionnaire. The study revealed that, students’ perception of their teachers’ teaching varies as the results established that both teacher-centred and student-centred approaches are used by mathematics teachers. The study also established that teachers actions and inactions impacts positively or negatively on the students learning experiences as majority of the respondents reported that their learning experiences are to a larger extent controlled by that teacher. Majority of the respondents indicated that their teachers normally tell them which question to do and which method to do. Although the study was limited to only 12 schools, the findings provide a conceptual framework for further research into how students’ views could be used by both teachers and educational authorities in improving the teaching and learning of mathematics as students’ are in a better position to provide useful information regarding their teachers teaching and how it impacts on their learning.