Elementary School Students’ Reading Environments from Teachers’, Parents’, and Students’ Perspectives
The aim of this research was to describe reading environments of elementary school students when taken account of students’, parents’, and classroom teachers’ views. This research also gave some recommendations on what elementary school students’ reading environments should be in the light of literature. For this aim, the data was collected from classroom teachers, parents, and students studying in fourth-grade and fifth-grade by semi-structured questionnaire forms. The descriptive analysis was carried out to analyze the data obtained from the participants. The results of this research revealed that teachers and parents could not become models to support students’ readings. Instead, they orally directed children about their readings. This research also showed that the activities for reading done at homes and at schools do not improve children’s positive motivation toward reading. In addition, the children stated that they would love to get involved in reading activities since these enjoyable activities can increase their interests in reading.