A Study for Identification of Ethical Conduct of the Teachers Working at Public High Schools
The main purpose of the study was to identify the extents of ethical conduct of the teachers and to determine if the ethical conducts differentiate in terms of some variables using the survey method. The study was conducted on a total of 231 teachers working at public high schools in Uskudar, Istanbul. The data collection tool used in the study was developed by the researchers. “Teacher Ethical Conduct Scale” which was prepared as a 5-point Likert-type scale consisted of 26 items. As a result of the factor analysis, the scale consisted of five factors being “sense of duty, virtue, human sensitivity, professional responsibility and moral consideration”. All these factors were equal to 44.99% of the total test variance value. The Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficient was found to be .86. Alpha coefficiens of sub-dimensions changed between .44 and .81. Besides, factor loadings of sub-dimensions were between .31 and .76. Based on the results of the validity and reliability tests, it has been concluded that the psychometric characteristics of the scale were satisfactory for identification of the extents of the ethical conduct. Furthermore, the findings indicated that the ethical conducts of the teachers was not affected by the variable of the “job experience”, but varied depending on the gender, age, branch and school graduated. Findings of the study revealed that teachers attach importance to conducts comprised in the sub-dimension of the “human sensitivity” factor in their profession, and that they pay attention to protection of the respectability of the profession.