Student Opinions about Learning Primary 7th Grade Geometry Subjects with Geometer’s Sketchpad
The purpose of this study is to determine what are the students' opinions about learning the geometry subjects of primary 7th grade with Geometer's Sketchpad dynamic geometry software. In order to determine the students' opinions, computer-assisted teaching method using Geometer’s Sketchpad was used. For this purpose, application related to Geometer's Sketchpad software and computer-aided materials were carried out with totally 42 7th grade students. In the study, data on students' opinions about learning the geometry subjects with Geometer’s Sketchpad dynamic geometry software was collected by using semi-structured interview form. Descriptive analysis method was used to analyze the qualitative data obtained. The students stated that studying with GSP dynamic geometry software facilitated the learning, made students more active, increased their interest in geometry and desire to succeed; they learned collaboration, group work, and sharing. The negative opinions of the students were formed because of lack of time to study and program's being English.