Evaluating the History Course Subjects Involved in the Programs of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Elementary Schools Published from 1970’s Until Today According to the Education Terms
In this research, the History course subjects of primary school, secondary school and elementary schools published from 1970’s until today have been evaluated chronologically. For this reason, the historical method involved in screening model has been used in this research. In consequence of this research, it is confirmed that the History course subjects in the programs of evaluated period are predominantly of Turkish History and a dark sense of nationalism is dominant. It can be understood that purposes related to History courses are non-disciplinary in all programs and it is aimed to bring the citizens up as the Republican regime desires through this course. It can also be mentioned that chronological History teaching has been maintained from 1970’s until today. It is observed in the History course programs that the subjects of Turkish history and Kemalism was predominantly involved in 1980-1990 period and this importance has increasingly continued until today. However, it can be asserted that the History course subjects involved in Social Sciences program of 2004 differed from the previous ones and pioneered an alteration in the sense of nationalism.