Examining Teachers’ Behavior Related to Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms
In this study, teachers’ behaviors which are related to students with special needs in inclusive classrooms were investigated. Forty-five teachers who worked in three elementary schools in Ankara and had students with special needs participated in this study. Data were obtained using 15 items which are related to special needs students in Preventive Classroom Management Observation Form (PCMOF), developed by Sucuoğlu Akalın and Sazak Pınar (2007). The maximum score which can be taken from this part of observation form was 15. The analysis of the research data revealed that average score of teachers obtained 15 items in PCMOF was 4,09 and scores of teachers did not differ significantly in terms of their gender, age, experience and departments they graduated. However scores of teachers changed significantly in terms of socio-economic level of parents of children who are attending to the schools.