Teacher Trainers’ Views on Foreign Language Teacher Training Based On European Standarts
One of the main aims of the European Union in the field of education is to promote language learning. Many programmes and innovations have been carried out by the Council of Europe, Language Policy Division in order to achieve this aim. After completing an extensive research and wide consultation the Council published a document called the “Common European Framework (CEFR)” to provide a common basis among professionals working in the field of modern languages. As CEFR was recommended by the European Union Council Resolution in 2001 to be used, it has now become a key reference tool not only throughout Europe but also all over the world. Turkey as a member of the Council of Europe has therefore been conducting changes in foreign language teaching in order to apply European standarts. However, CEFR is not widely used in training of foreign language teachers in Turkish context. This study aims to learn the views of the teacher trainers on a training programme based on CEFR. 73 teacher trainers working at foreign languages teaching department at 32 universities in Turkey participated in the study through a questionnaire developed by the researcher. Most of the participants stated that the teacher training program based on CEFR is necessary.