Effect of Teaching Integers Using Visual Materials on the Sixth Grade Students’ Mathematics Achievement and Retention Levels
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of the specifically designed visual material assisted instruction of the “integers” subject on students' mathematics success and their retention levels. The research was conducted on 60 students studying in 6. grades at a primary school in European side of İstanbul within 2007-2008 school year. A test group and a control group is used in the research. In the control group the subject "integers and operations with integers" are taught according to the textbook while in the test group it is taught using the designed visual materials. The data related to this study is attained by “integers achievement test”. This test is used as a pre-post test as well as retention test two months after the study is complete. As result of the application, the data obtained by "integers achievement test”, is assessed by statistical analysis method. In parallel to the findings attained, it is found that teaching with specifically designed visual materials are more effective rather than teaching according to the textbook and has a positive effect in students’ success in mathematics and their retention levels. Under the light of the findings obtained, suggestions are developed for those who would like to make a study on visual material.