Attitude Of Prospective Teachers’ Towards Violence
In this study, prospective teachers’ attitudes towards violence are aimed to be determined who study in the last classes of Education Faculties. The research sample, selected with the Purpose Sampling Method at the five Faculties of Education consists of prospective teachers’ in the total of 1237. Determination of Teachers against Violence Attitudes Scale (ÖAŞKTBO) is used as a data collection device improved by Gözütok (1993). According to research findings; 1- the attitudes towards violence of prospective teachers of Education Faculties can be said that the level of positive attitudes is not desired. 2- Gender is a factor in prospective teachers’ attitudes towards violence. 3- Prospective teachers’ attitudes toward violence differ according to vocational education programs. 4- Prospective teachers’ accommodation, number of siblings and their forms of identification variables are not such a factor in prospective teachers’ attitudes toward violence.