Teacher As Community Mobilizer: Case of Primary School Teachers in Punjab (Pakistan)
The study aims to investigate the role of Primary School Teacher (PST) for mobilizing community to achieve the target of Universal Primary Education (UPE). Objectives of the study were to investigate current role of PSTs as community mobilizer to achieve UPE and to explore in-service trainings and arrangements to prepare PSTs for acting as community mobilizer. Recommendations for refining PST’s role for mobilizing community to achieve UPE were also aimed in the study. The study was delimited to only two districts of Southern Punjab; Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur and survey method was used to gather data. A questionnaire was developed and administered to 210 PSTs of all seven tehsils of the two districts. Findings of the study disclosed that there was no in-service training for PSTs which enabled them to mobilize community. Roll of higher offices was found also ineffective in this regard. Special trainings for PSTs which can enable them to organize and mobilize community and parents to improve enrollment and reduce dropouts were recommended at the end of study. Empowerment of PSTs and enhanced participation of higher offices of Education Department in UPE campaign were also suggested.