Organizational Learning: Perceptions of Teachers’ in Turkey
The aim of this research is to investigate primary school teacher’s organizational learning experiences and their thoughts about these experiences. In order to realize this aim, educational practices, supportive leadership, communication and education technology, information sharing and cooperation dimensions of organizational learning are analyzed in terms of teachers’ perceptions. When we evaluate research findings, teachers’ perceptions about organizational learning differ meaningfully according to the teacher’s age and their tenure of office. It can be asserted that we can develop schools’ organizational learning ability only if we create systems which make easy and support managers’, teachers’, students’, parents’ and other education workers’ learning course. The results of this study showed that teachers’ perceptions about organizational learning differ according to managers’ use of managerial power in change applications, teacher’s liability to the team work and whether technological advancements is followed or not. The findings of the research also sign the importance of collective learning and application in order to realize organizational learning. When we look at the research findings, it can be asserted that motivating individuals in schools to work and learn collaboratively and to follow technological advancements about education can be effective in transforming schools to learning organizations.