Examining Pre-Service Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge With Regard To Curriculum Knowledge
One of the components of pedagogical content knowledge is curriculum knowledge. Curriculum contains aims and objectives which belong to the subjects that the teachers will teach and explain the skills that students are supposed to be obtained. Constructivist model was adopted instead of behaviourist model of teaching mathematics with changes in the secondary mathematics program in Turkey in 2005. In this study, we aimed at determining pre-service teachers’ curriculum knowledge related to the limit and continuity concept. First, Content Knowledge Questionnaire on the limit and continuity concept was administered to 37 pre-service teachers. According to the results of the questionnaire, four pre-service teachers were selected with different levels of subject matter knowledge. Interviews were conducted with the selected pre-service teachers, their lesson plans of limit and continuity were examined and their micro-teaching was observed. Data obtained shows that the pre-service teachers’ curriculum knowledge was limited.