Past And Present Of Ahilik (denizli Sample)
The culture of Ahilik is an institution, a life style and a tradition which has been alive among tradesmen for thousands of years. It is learnt from the sources that its founder Ahi Evran was called to Konya in the period of I. Alaaddin Keykubad and that he left Konya after Keykubad’s death to come Denizli. During the years he spent in Denizli, Ahi Evran introduced and taught different jobs to the people such as debbağlık. The ideas, teachings and life style of Ahi Evran have been practiced widely in Denizli during the historical process. The main purpose of this study is to answer the question whether the Ahilik tradition is known and applied among Denizli tradesmen today or not. With this purpose, public survey of 32 questions has been prepared to find out whether the tradition of Ahilik is known among Denizli tradesmen or not. During the process of preparing the questions, advices of associations which work on the subject of Ahilik and of professionals’ on the field have been made use of to determine the questions as a result of them. The study is limited with tradesmen in Denizli Ahi Sinan Çarşısı and around. The public survey has been applied to 100 people by the technique of random selection. The results have been analyzed by the programme SPSS.