The Attitude Of Students İn Geography Teacher Departments Towards Teaching Profession
This study aims both to determine the attitude of undergraduates of geography studying in faculty of education in different universities towards the profession of teaching and to analyze how these attitudes are influenced by such factors as the school where they study, their gender, class in society, parental professions, economic situation and the city where they live. The study was carried out on 208 students in the 1st and the 5th year of their study in Gazi University, Çanakkale 18 Mart University, Dicle Universty and Dokuz Eylül University. Data in this study has been gathered via the Attitude Scale to the Profession of Teaching. As findings indicate, there are links between the attitudes of students towards the profession of teaching and the grade they study, the university they attend, parental professions, the size of the area where they lived before university, the economic situation of families.