Pedagogical Competences – The Key to Efficient Education
The aim of our study is to provide a holistic representation of pedagogical skills closely related with current approaches in the field of professional competence for the teaching career. The paper covers three dimensions from the perspective of pedagogical competences. The first dimension is on the definition of pedagogical competence. The concept of pedagogical competence tends to be used with the meaning of minimum professional standard, often specified by law, which should raise a person in fulfilling a particular role of the teaching profession. The second dimension is based on representative taxonomies and highlights current pedagogical competences. The taxonomic classification, which we provide below only refers to the basic competences involved in the based role of a teacher to lead one of the educational activities with students. The third dimension is represented by a proposal in a narrow framework of a holistic representation of pedagogical competences for the teaching career. In the holistic view, we delineate two broad categories of pedagogical competences in accord with current approaches: general pedagogical competence and special pedagogical competence. After analyzing the pedagogical competences taxonomies, we obtained a comprehensive and actual representation. This representation allows a better understanding of the general and secondary categories of pedagogical competences. The study was unfolded in CNCSIS – TE 282/July 2010 “INOVACOM – Curricular innovations for the development of the pedagogical competencies of teachers of Romanian Language and communication through initial training programmes for teachers”.