Effective Use Of Instructional Materials And Technologies in Teacher Training: Expectations and Opinions of Teacher Candidates
The main purpose of the study was to determine the expectations and opinions of teacher candidates about instructioanal materials and technologies used in teacher training. In the study, scanning model was used to define an existing status. The universe of the study was composed of Marmara University Technical ─░nstructional Faculty students, and the sample was composed of 582 fourth grade students selected from this universe with random sampling method. The study data were collected with questionnaire form composed of 24 questions prepared about the subject. From the findings obtained from the study data, it was determined that instructional technologies and materials are not used in lectures effectively, they are used more for informative purposes, the prepared presentations are read not presented, students expectations are different and participants think positively about the use of instructional materials and technologies in lectures. Based on the problems observed in these results, it is recommended to use the instructional materials or presentations that will be used in lectures to be improved according to the characteristics of the groups that they will be presented to, to establish a separate instructional materials/technologies unit for developing materials and helping the instructors within the body of the university, to record the lectures and store them in a medium for the purpose of watching them again, and to develop and apply information management systems that will enable the use of instructional technologies for the purpose of communication.