Investigation Of Psychology, Psychological Counseling And Guidance, Social Work Students’s Moral Judgment Competence
The purpose of this study was to inquire if moral judgment competence of students of psychology, social work, and psychological counseling and guidance departments differed significantly according to independent variables of department, gender, year of study (1st or 4th year), age, mother’s and father’s level of education and the place of longest residence. Participants of the study were first and fourth year students at Hacettepe University. Data collection was done with Moral Judgment Abilities Test. Pair-wise comparisons were done by t-test and multiple comparisons with ANOVA. Students’ moral judgment scores did not differ significantly according to gender, year of education, age, mother’s level of education, place of longest residency. On the other hand, students’ scores of moral judgment did differ significantly according to father’s level of education. Students whose father had university education scored higher. Findings were discussed in comparisons with those of previous studies. Implications of the findings for moral development as well as recommendations for future research were discussed.