Using The Brief Experimental Analysis To Determine The Effective Reading Comprehension Strategy İn Story Comprehension Of Students With Mental Retardation
In recent years, brief experimental analysis studies are being done to determine the effective teaching strategies for academic skills. The purpose of this study was to determine the effective reading comprehension strategy in story comprehension of students with mental retardation by using brief experimental analysis. Brief experimental analysis is used to determine the most effective strategy among four reading comprehension strategies. These strategies are; talking about the used heading before the reading, making the student tell and predict the story while reading, discussing text after reading and a multi element strategy combined of making the student tell and predict the story while reading and discussing the used text after reading. Two boys and one girl were participated in the study. The design of the study was an alternating treatment design. The results of the study showed that the multi-element strategy was the most effective technique on story comprehension skill in all three participants. Implications of the study were discussed and recommendations for further research were provided.