Problems Encountered İn Postgraduate Education And Solutions: A Qualitative Study On Students Views
The purpose of this study was to determine the problem that postgraduate students encountered during their postgraduate education and to detect their solution for these problems. A total of ten postgraduate students who studied and took master degree in any departments of Karabuk University Social Sciences Institute participated in this qualitative study designed as a case study. Criterion sampling and maximum variation sampling were used together to select the participants of the study. In this respect, the criterion for participating in this study was to complete postgraduate education in any department of Karabuk University Social Sciences Institute and to take master degree. Furthermore, researchers exerted effort to gather data from students taking his/her master degree from different departments to act according to the main principle of maximum variation sampling. The data of the study were gathered through a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers as in line with both the related literature and the purposes of the present study. The data of the were analysed through content and descriptive analyses. Results revealed that postgraduate students evaluated post graduate education mostly as a preparation process for the academia and that they encountered problems related to the advisors more frequently, and that these problems decreased their motivation and that the most important solution for them for the problems encountered through postgraduate education was the advisors’ being more sensitive. Results from the current study were discussed in line with the related literature and some suggestions were presented.