The Effect Of Conceptual Change Texts Supplemented Instruction On Students’ Achievement İn Electrochemistry
The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of conceptual change texts supplemented instruction on students’ understanding of electrochemistry and their attitudes towards chemistry. The participants of the study consisted of 45 junior students of a public high school. Two classes were randomly assigned as experimental and control groups. Experimental group received conceptual change texts supplemented instruction. On the other hand, control group received instruction in which lecturing, questioning and discussion methods with no consideration of the misconceptions were used. The study lasted in 3-weeks period. A 24-item multiple choice test that was developed by the researcher was administered to assess students’ conceptual understanding of electrochemistry. Meanwhile attitude scale toward chemistry was provided to both groups as a pre and post tests. As a result, it was obtained that there was no significant difference between groups on understanding of electrochemistry concepts and their attitudes towards chemistry as a school subject.