Mentor Training Program from the Perspective of the Mentors: Turkey Sample
In this study, it was revealed that how the developed "Mentor Training Program" was perceived by the participants. The "Mentor Training program (MTP)" consisting of nine learning modules, has been developed by the researcher as a result of the needs analysis conducted throughout Turkey. The research was conducted with mixed methods research design. The experimental phase was completed in 30 hours with 15 Classroom Teachers. As a result of the descriptive analysis of the qualitative data obtained from the participants during and at the end of the experimental process revealed that has positive effect on gaining mentor qualitative desired behaviour. It has been understood that the mentor training program developed awareness about the ideal internship environment and mentoring, as well as improving the communication skills and reflective behaviors of the mentors. It was also determined that it is useful for the education system in terms of its contribution to the training of qualified pre-service teacher and providing professional and personal development. In addition, the training program was found to be successful in terms of improving the pre-service teacher's development, evaluation and communication skills.