Examination Of Instructional Leadership Research İn Turkey
In this study, research articles on instructional leadership published between 2005-2017 were examined through content analysis in the Turkish context. In this scope, 35 articles were evaluated in terms of relationships between individual and organisational variables, data gathering instruments, methods, samples and suggests. Purposeful sampling method was used in the study. The results revealed positive relationships between the school principals' instructional leadership behaviours and individual and organisational variables. According to the teachers' perceptions, the school principals performed the behaviour of sharing the objectives and vision of school as educational leaders. However, the school principals did not provide sufficient support to teachers' professional development. Besides, the factors that inhibit instructional leadership were not investigated to a large extent. In studies on instructional leadership, survey design was mostly used among quantitative research methods. While practitioners were suggested to provide in-service training to school principals to develop instructional leadership, suggestions for further research included focusing on different types of schools in studies on instructional leadership.