The Relation between Students’ Use of Cursive and Writing Disposition
This research examines the relation betweens secondary school students’ use of cursive and writing disposition. This quantitative study which was carried out with pattern is in relational scanning model. The study was carried out with 506 students, 255 females (50.40%) and 251 males (49.60%). The students attend 5 different secondary schools and were chosen using stratified sampling from 5 different educational areas in the city of Elazığ. Parametric tests were used to analyze the data for comparisons of the participants’ gender, having attended preschool education, grade, and talent for art and music. To determine the relations between attitude toward cursive writing and writing disposition, Pearson’s correlation coefficient analysis was used, and to determine the predicting level of cursive use for writing disposition simple linear regression analysis were used. The research determined that the students’ negative attitude toward cursive originated from the fact that they did not have the support they need from their environment and their teachers. When it comes to writing skills, they lack self-confidence and enough desire to write well. While gender and having music education caused significant differences, having attended preschool and talent for art did not. The level of relation between attitude toward cursive writing and writing dispositions of students is low for males as long as their grades rise. Attitude toward cursive writing explains 13% of their writing disposition.