How Portfolıo Use Affects Students’ Learnıng And Theır Attıtudes Toward 6th Grade Scıence Lesson
Abstract The study examined that whether process of portfolio use enhances students’ learning in 6th grade science lesson and whether portfolio use effects attitudes of the students toward the science subject. At the research, pretest-posttest control group design was applied to 114 6th grade students during 2006 in a soughern city of Turkey. The experimental group attended science lessons supported with portfolio use as a teaching approach whereas no change was made in the way of teaching of the control group. An achievement test and attitude scales of science were applied to the both groups as pre- and post-tests. The experimental group demonstrated higher achievement and better attitude toward the science lesson than the control group demonstrated. The students in experimental group commented that portfolios made their learning meaningful and helped them to learn better. Key Words: Portfolio, Achievement, attitude, learning, science