The Opinions of Third-Grade Primary School Students on the Value of Openness to Innovation
It is very important and crucial for an individual to acquire certain personalities and values throughout his/her life in order to adapt to his/her social environments. Acquiring those personalities and values is one of the major goals of primary schools. The Life Studies course is one of the courses that used to teach personal characteristics and values in accordance with the mission of teaching effective citizenship and preparing students for life. The primary goal of this study is to determine how third graders express the value of openness to innovation, which is a personal quality, through written and pictorial representations. The descriptive research method is used in this study. Data collection was conducted through a form that consists of an open-ended question and a drawing related to that question. The convenience sampling method was used to select participants. 166 third graders from five elementary schools in Kaman district of Kırşehir province participated in this research study. Data was analyzed through content and visual analyses techniques. The results indicated that students described openness to innovation as “technological innovations and inventions”, “introduction of innovations by Atatürk”, “making a new thing/event”, “making a new friend”, and “loving, enjoying, relishing innovations”. On the other hand, students pictured openness to innovation with drawings that represented “technological innovation and inventions”, “making a new thing”, “getting schooled/learning new information at school”, “introduction of innovations by Atatürk”, “discovering, tasting, and observing new innovations”, and “making a new friend”. We suggest that the Life Studies course curriculum should reintegrate the openness to innovation standard in order for students to notice innovations and be open to accepting innovations.