Ten Lies, Half-truths And Prejudices Of The Israeli Education System
Israeli educational system has suffered substantial deterioration from the early 60ies until now. In this article 10 of the most common lies, perceived as "truths" causing this decrease in achievements, are examined: Each youth can earn a matriculation certificate; A matriculation certificate is necessary in order to succeed in life; The rate of matriculation entitlement in Israel increases every year; Everybody is entitled to have access to higher education and the state holds the responsibility to materialize this right; Increase in the teachers educational level results in an increase of the school level and a higher rate of success among their students; Integration among children from different socio-economic background helps to increase the academic achievements of the weaker children; A higher rate of matriculation entitlement increases the earning level; Israel has a serious problem of large teacher/student ratio; Sufficient amount of money assigned to education will improve its situation in Israel; Self-confidence in learning is the key to high achievements.