Academic Incentive Allowance: Scientific Productivity, Threats, Expectations (an Example Of Exploratory Sequential Mixed Design Study)
The purpose of this study is to uncover the views of the instructors regarding the Regulation on the Academic Incentive Allowance applied in Turkey, to understand its reflection on the quality of the scientific products and to determine whether the findings to be obtained are generalizable. In the qualitative phase of the research conducted according to the mixed method paradigm, exploratory sequential mixed method design, three themes were obtained as potentials, problems and suggestions; and the qualitative findings were found to be generalizable. Despite the uncertainties and the new problems brought about by the Academic Incentive Allowance, it has been found that positive results may be obtained and that the teaching staff has a positive attitude towards the application. However, it has also been found that it leads to concerns about unethical publications and about focusing on the quantity rather than the quality.