Implementing Microteaching Lesson Study with a Group of Preservice Science Teachers: An Encouraging Attempt of Action Research
This study was conducted to enhance a small group of preservice science teachers’ (PSTs’) pedagogical content knowledge by adapting microteaching lesson study into Science Teaching Laboratory Applications course. The study was an action research including the researcher and 15 PSTs. Data was collected through video recordings of teaching practices, pre-practice group reports, post-practice individual reports, group interviews and the lecturer’s notes. Content analysis was implemented for data analyses. Results showed that microteaching lesson study practices positively contributed to PSTs’ development of subject matter knowledge, knowledge of learners, knowledge of representations and pedagogical content knowledge. However, participants’ deficiencies in subject matter knowledge limited the effects of these practices. Implementing microteaching lesson study considering PSTs’ qualifications related to subject matter knowledge was suggested for science teacher education programs.