Doctoral Theses İn The Field Of Educational Administration İn The 14-year Process Following The Establishment Of Yök
This work has attempted to identify researches prepared in Turkish Universities as doctoral theses in the area of Education Administration, Supervision, Planning and Economics of Education (EASPEE) in terms of distribution according to university, the knowledge levels of the upper level administrators concerning the subject area of these works, the degree of applicability of the developed suggestions; and opinions about the application of these suggestion. It has been established that one hundred and fifty-three doctoral theses were carried out in fourteen out of eighteen EASPEE departments in Turkey's fifty-six universities between the years of 1983-1996. The upper level administrators which doctoral theses were done about their organization have become the population of this study. These organizations include; The Ministry of National Education, Banks, organizations bound to the ministry, private organizations and Higher Education Association. A survey was carried out to collect data from one hundred and fifty-five administrators in these seventy-three organizations. According to the results , it was found that the knowledge level of the administrators on the awareness level for the Ph.D studies done for their organizations was 'little' some statistically significant differences were found in terms on "type of organizations" and "being attended to an in-service training course or not". In the studies, the administrators determined the applicability levels of the suggestions as 'medium'. A statistically significant difference was found according to the "type of organization", "education level" and "field of graduation" of the respondents. The respondents stated that suggestions concerning their organizations were implemented at "medium" level. It was also found that there were statistically significant differences among the opinions of the administrators of the application level of the suggestions according to "type of organizations" and 'job title" on the respondents. Alongside the difference between those of a high education level and those of a low education level, a statistically significant difference was found between those who had received in-service training and those who had not, in that the former group carried out the suggestions to a greater degree. A positive relation was found of the administrators' suggestions between the "level of knowledge concerning the research" and the applicability (p= 0.042) and level of application(p=0.018). Similarly, there found a positive correlation between the opiruons of the administrators on "the applicability level" and "the level of application" of the suggestions at .001 probability level In conclusion, the largest obstacle in the implementation of the suggestions was shown to be " the personnel working for the organizations lacking the ability to carry out the suggestions".