Mathematics Attitude Scales İn Turkish Dissertations
The purpose of this study is to analyze dissertations in terms of used mathematics attitude scales. For this aim, the dissertations completed in Turkey during the years 2005 – 2015 were reviewed in accordance with criteria of selection of the research and a total of 137 dissertations were included in this study. Out of 140 dissertations, totally 137 dissertations were included in detailed analysis because 3 of them were unauthorized. In this research, the dissertations were analyzed with document analysis in terms of some variables such as university, year, sample academic level and used mathematics attitude scales. As a result, descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages were also used by using a statistics program. As a result of the study, the findings indicated that mathematics attitude scales devoleped by Aşkar (1986), Erol (1989), Baykul (1990), Duatepe & Çilesiz (1999), Nazlıçiçek & Erktin (2002), Alkan, Bukova-Güzel & Elçin (2004), Öztuncay (2005) and Kabaca (2006) are the most common eight measurement instruments. Finally, various suggestions were presented for future studies in accordance with the findings obtained.