Emotional Intelligence Levels And Cyberbullying Sensibility Among Turkish University Students
The aim of this study is to investigate the emotional intelligence levels and cyberbullying sensibility among university students. The sample of this descriptive study is composed of 1420 university students studied in 2014-2015 academic years. Data were collected by Personal Information Form, Emotional Intelligence Scale (EIS) and Cyberbullying Sensibility Scale (CSS). As a result of the study it was found that, 31.1% of students were exposed to cyberbullying and 49.3% of them made a complaint. A significant positive correlation was found between scores of Emotional Intelligence Scale and Cyberbullying Sensibility Scale (r=0.156; p=0.000) and as emotional intelligence levels increase, sensibility to cyberbullying was seen to increase. In the study, according to students' departments, significant differences (p<0.05) were found between optimism, expression of feelings which are sub-factors of emotional intelligence scale, total Emotional Intelligence Scale and total Cyberbullying Sensibility Scale. According to these results, as students' emotional intelligence levels increase, their sensibility to cyberbullying increase, too. It is recommended to create programs to increase their levels of emotional intelligence and to improve their sensibility to cyberbullying.