The Effects Of Principals’ Trust İn Teachers On School Climate
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of school principals’ trust in teachers on the school climate from the perspective of the teachers. The qualitative aspect of this study that has been conducted based on exploratory mixed method relies on phenomenological research design, while its quantitative aspect relies on the descriptive survey method based on general survey model, causal-comparative design and relational design. The purposive sampling method of the maximum variation sampling was used in the qualitative aspect of this study and the study group consisted of 24 principals and 27 teachers. The quantitative sample of this study consists of 600 teachers being selected based on stratified sampling method. While the qualitative data of this study was collected through semi-structured interviews, the quantitative data was gathered via “Scale for Determining the Trust Level of Principals In Teacher” and “School Climate Scale”. The qualitative data was analysed by using descriptive and content analyses, and the quantitative data was analysed by using descriptive statistical analyses, t-test, Single Direction Variance Analysis, Multi Linear Regression Analysis. As a result of the study, it has been determined that qualitative and quantitative findings obtained with regard to the effect of principals' trust in teachers on the school climate show consistency and that qualitative findings can be generalized for a larger sample group.