Investigation Of Factors Affected To Math Engagement Of Middle School Students
The aim of study was to investigation of factors affected to math engagement of middle school students. This study was conducted with survey methods. The study group is consisted of 602 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade middle school students from Uşak province. Data were collected with a survey consisted of two parts: “Demographic Background Form” and “Student Engagement in Mathematic Scale” developed by Rimm-Kauffman (2010) and adapted into Turkish by Mazman- Akar et al. (2017). Student Engagement in Mathematic Scale was a 4 point likert type scale comprised of 13 items under three dimensions (cognitive, social and emotional). Descriptive statistics, independent sample t-test and one way ANOVA were used in data analysis. The results of study showed that math engagement of middle school students is at the medium level and student engagement decreased as the grade level increased. Female students, students who attend to training courses and students who live in province/district have significantly higher math engagement than the counterparts. Furthermore, it was found that math achievement level, loving math teacher, perception of math importance and self-efficacy of success are the factors that effect to math engagement of students.