Constructivist Practice in the Curriculum and Instruction: the Views of Lecturers in the Field
In the present study, views of lecturers teaching in the field of Curriculum and Instruction for the faculties of education are analyzed considering that they have experience and are in charge of teacher training mission in the Turkish education system. Thus, the study aims to investigate the views of faculty members on their own constructivist views and their practice in education faculties and general practice in the national education. The survey model is used in the study and the population of the research includes the teaching members in the field of curriculum and instruction in Turkey. There are 340 teaching members in this field in Turkey and they are not many in number. Thus, the entire population had to be reached. However, the number of faculty members that can be reached has been 112, corresponding to 33% of the population. As the data collection tool, a classification type of control list (questionnaire) consisting of 26 items related to constructivism practice was used. Since the population is wide and includes all the faculty members in the field around the country, the advantages of using online software was taken into consideration and the data was collected online as access was easy by the participants willing to respond. When findings obtained are discussed with all its components, it is seen that faculty members are not able to fully implement constructivism but trying to include some characteristics of it. In addition, according, the practice of constructivism continues to diminish in the other fields other than the field of Curriculum and Instruction field. In other words, the effect of constructivism on other faculty members and other faculty applications other than the department and on general practices of national education continues to decrease.