How Gifted Students Reach Decisions İn Socio-scientific Issues? Warrants, Information Sources And Role Of Media
In this research, it was aimed to investigate the decisions of gifted students regarding particular socio-scientific issues with their warrants, information sources and the role of media on those decisions. The research was qualitative in nature and the participants were 36 (21 male, 15 female) middle school students who had training at Sinop Science and Art Centre. The data source of the research was a written from consisted nine open ended questions regarding four socio-scientific issues and the data obtained were analysed by content analysis technique. The findings of the study revealed that students concluded differently in different socio-scientific issues with varying warrants and considered media as the primary information source in that process. Media was followed by authority, education and social environment as other information sources. Based on those results, it was proposed to develop instructional activities for Science and Art Centres aiming the integration of media literacy with socio-scientific issues.