The Problematic Of Ataturk And Kemalist Thought: Illusions From The Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions
The aim of this research is to determine the illusions about the problematic of Ataturk and Kemalist thought from the preservice teachers’ perceptions. The study is a descriptive research. The research is made in the university of Erzincan in 2015-2016 academy years. The samples of this research include chosen from social sciences teaching (25), science teaching (15), primary school teaching (13), totally 53 preservice teachers. The datas of research is achieved by a semi-structured interview form created by a researcher. Datas were analyzed with content analysis. Some of the findings of the research are that the preservices, who have a negative Kemalist view, fasten on the formation period of the republic and the reality of modern Turkey, even the preservices, who think the good expressions for Ataturk are exaggerated, think that Ataturk is symbolized as a superhuman creation. Another behaviour type of negative Kemalist view appears when there is some writings scandalizing Ataturk. One of the another important result appeared from the answers of preservices is that the republican regime found itself with the Ataturk image. Generally the evaluation is on the finding that the preservice teachers have quite contradiction in terms and misconception about Ataturk and Kemalist thought. There is a negative ‘’Ataturk perception’’ in a certain extent. It is required to reconstract bothteaching period and the enlightment of the society to remove these negative Ataturk perceptions. It is needed to revise the subjects about Ataturk. Moreover, in the lessons about Ataturk subjects, the historical events and characters must be taken into account in their own siturations. It is clear that the movies, plays and the documentaries about Ataturk are deficient.