Adolescence Of School Belonging: Life Goals And Attachment Pattern With Relationship
The main objective of this study is to determine whether attachment styles and life goals in adolescence predict sense of belonging meaningfully or not. The research is a qualitative study that was figured in relational screening model. This in research Personal Information Form, The Psychological Sense of School Mem-bership Scale, Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment and the Life Goals Scale for Adolescents were used for adolescents. The study took place in secondary schools education institation of a district in a city in Marmara Region through 2015-2016 academic years. Totally 411 of 10th and 11thgrade students of four Anatolian high schools that consist of 197 males and 214 females and that are studying in public secondary schools participated in research group. The descriptive statistics, pearson correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were carried out in the analysis of the data. According to the findings of research multiple regression analysis is examined, the variables of attachment for peers, attachment for mother, attachment for father and life goals give a significant relationship with sense of belonging to school, R=0.45, R2 = 0.20, F (4,406) = 25.51, p<.05. % 20 of the total variance is explained about sense of belonging to school together with these four variables. These variables among sense of school belongingis explained firstly peers attachment % 21’ and father attachment % 20’. Later is explained life goals % 15’ and mother attachment % 13’.