Evaluation of Distance Education Applications in the Kyrgyz Republic Universities
In the scope of this research, applications used for distance education units in four universities of the Kyrgyz Republic were evaluated. The study uses a descriptive method which is carried out by interview of specialists involved in the development and implementation of the distance education in the country. Additionally, technical overview of the learning management systems used by distance education units was carried out and the content analysis was conducted. The study showed that there is a different perception of the distance education in the Kyrgyz Republic which is still perceived as a correspondence education, called “заочная форма обучения”(zaochnaya forma obucheniya). The results of 5 interviews showed that there is no sufficient support and understanding of the distance education by the university managements as well. Therefore, it is suggested to make clear differentiation of the correspondence and distance education methods in the Kyrgyz Republic and to the university managements to give importance to distance education at the university level.