An Action Research Investigating the Needs of Syrian Students Learning Turkish as A Foreign Language
The purpose of this study is to determine needs of Syrian students learning Turkish as a foreign language. The study employs the action research method, which is a qualitative research design. The study was conducted with 30 A2 level students learning Turkish and 4 instructors teaching Turkish at the Language Teaching Practice and Research Center, Kilis 7 Aralık University. Interviews, observations and researcher logs were used for data collection. The data derived from opinions of Syrian students and instructors, observations and researcher logs were analyzed with the content analysis method. As a result of this needs analysis, it was found that the Syrian students desperately needed to learn Turkish and the most important language skill for the students was speaking. They expressed that they found the opportunity to improve this skill in the Turkish class. It was observed that making associations with everyday life was important and it was necessary to carry out classes with technological materials.