Relationship Between The Perceived Principal Support, Trust İn Principal And Organizational Commitment
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between teachers’ perceived principal support, trust in principal and organizational commitment. The population of the study consist of 2100 teachers working in the schools of Bingöl central district in 2014-2015 academic year. In the study, no sample was chosen and it was tried to reach the whole population. The workgroup of the study consists of 648 voluntarily participated teachers. This study is a correlational study in the survey model. Research data were gathered with “Principal Support Scale”, “Trust in Principal Scale” and “Organizational Commitment Scale.” For the analysis of the data; exploratory factor analysis, independent sample t-test, one-way Anova, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were used. Correlation analysis results showed that there is a positive and high level of significant correlation between the perceived principal support and trust in principal, and organizational commitment. It was also found that all the subscales of principal support scale which are emotional support, instrumental support, professional support, appraisal support are significant predictors of trust in principal. It was also founded that except for the instrumental support, the other three subscales of principal support scale (emotional support, professional support and appraisal support) are significant predictors of organizational commitment.