Developing The Critical Thinking Skills In Pre-service Primary School Teachers: Application Of School And Teacher Themed Movies
he aim of this research was to determine the effect of school and teacher themed movies on the critical thinking skills of primary school pre-service teachers. The mixed method, in which the qualitative and quantitative approaches are handled together, was adopted to the research. Among the mixed method designs, the descriptive design model was applied in the research. The research was carried out with the 4th grade pre-service teachers in the Department of Primary School Teacher Training in Erzincan University. Totally 50 participants -39 of them were female and 11 of them were male- were included in the research. As the qualitative data collection tool, “The Critical Thinking Scale”, which was developed by Yoldaş (2009) was used before the application (pre-test) and after the application (post-test). As the quantitative data collection tool, the observation forms, prepared by the researchers, were applied. The research was carried out throughout 10 weeks presenting 5 different movies and with recursive critical thinking practice. As a result of the analysis of the collected data, as the results of the scores in pre-test and post-test results of experiment and control group were compared, significant differences were observed in favour of experiment group in the sub-dimensions of sensitivity in critical thinking, empathy in critical thinking, assumptions in critical thinking, common sense in critical thinking and media in critical thinking. Moreover, during the application of the first movie, it was noticed that the pre-service teachers could not interrogate their ideas according to the recommendations, but they interrogated ideas even in their final decisions during the application of the last movie.