Academicians’ Opinions about Privatization in Higher Education? A Comparative Research in State and Foundation Universities
The purpose of this study is to compare the views of instructors in public and foundationuniversities on privatization in higher education. The sample of this study consisted of2.246 academicians who worked in eight foundation and six public universities inTurkey during the 2012-2013 academic year. Data was collected with the OpinionsRegarding Privatization in Higher Education scale. Results of the analysis suggested asignificant difference between the views of public and private university instructorsregarding privatization. The scores of foundation university instructors in the opinionsregarding privatization in higher education scale are higher than the scores ofacademicians of public universities. Academicians in foundation universities have morefavorable opinions towards privatization than their colleagues in public universities.However, the fact that academicians in both institutions expressed an “uncertain”opinion proves that they believe privatization practices are not basically effective insolving problems regarding the higher education system.