Examination of the Preference Reasons of Teachership Profession by the Physical Education Teacher Candidates and Their Professional Expectations in Re
The purpose of this study was to examine the preference reasons of physical education teachercandidates for choosing this teaching profession, and their expectations with respect to a number ofvariables. The study group comprised a total of 179 students (107 males and 72 females) studying inthe first to third grades of Batman University, School of Physical Education and Sports, Departmentof Physical Education and Sports Teaching in the academic year 2015–16 . The study data wascollected using the ‘Reasons for Teaching Preference’ and ‘Prudential Expectations’ scales. Theresults of the study, showed that the teacher candidates mostly prefer the teaching profession foressential reasons, that they have positive expectations for the future, and that the reasons thesestudents gave for this profession preference and their prudential expectations differed according togender, number of siblings, and parental educational status; but not by family income level.