The Relationship between University Students’ Perceptions of Faculty Members’ Undesirable Behaviors, Their Trust for Faculty Members and Class Partici
The main objective of the present study is to investigate the university students’ perceptions aboutthe undesirable behaviors of the faculty members, their trust levels towards faculty members,students’ class participation, and to scrutinize the relationship between these variables. Furthermore,the study aims to identify how and in which direction faculty members’ undesirable behaviors affectthe university students’ trust for faculty members and active participation into class activities. Thus,the relationship between three variables were analyzed via structural equation modelling. Studygroup included 327 volunteering students who attended pedagogical formation program held inInonu University during the summer semester of 2013–2014 academic year. “Undesirable Behaviorin Faculty Members”, “Confidence in Faculty Members”, and “University Students ClassParticipation” scales were used to collect data. Findings indicated that the trust of students towardsfaculty members and faculty members’ undesired behaviors affected students’ active participationinto class activities. It was concluded that the both variables explained the 16% of the variance instudents’ classroom participation level.